Titanium rotating brushes, which ones to choose?

Are you looking for titanium rotating brushes but don’t know which one to choose? Have you read that some use negative ions and others have the ability to change the direction of rotation and now you don’t know what to think? For all the information on titanium rotating brushes and why you should prefer a particular model, read comparison.

What is a rotating brush?

The rotating brush is a happy union between the brush commonly used by hairdressers or those who are familiar with hair styling and the straightener. This crasis allows obtaining totally amazing results, very similar to those that can be obtained using the hairdryer and the common brush.

The positive sides of the rotating brushes are many:

  • The possibility of obtaining different types of folds , just like at the hairdresser
  • The anti sunburn tips prevent unexpected and pains
  • The ergonomic handle promotes a firm grip
  • Times are optimized

In fact, the typical handle of common brushing brushes is ideal for obtaining different effects, since it favors the rotation of the wrist and inclination. Just tilt the brush by only forty-five degrees to obtain a totally different result, from the smooth spaghetti to the smooth “romantic” fold, from the rough disheveled to the very defined curls.

It seems impossible to obtain these results with a brush and – normally – this would require a lot of patience and just as much technique to master the use of the hairdryer. In this case, however, this problem is solved because the brush already releases the heat necessary to shape the hair, and by rotating at various speeds and directions it allows us to give us the best result with the least effort.

You can find lots of useful information on straightening brushes only. Cliomakeup is undoubtedly a leading figure in the world of beauty, but if you want to buy a product that can range in methods of use and results, I recommend a rotating brush, preferably titanium.

Why choose a titanium rotating brush?

As for the straightening plates, the rotating brushes also have different materials of use: ceramic, tourmaline, titanium. So why should you prefer titanium? Each material has its own prestige and its qualities and it is no coincidence that titanium is preferred by professionals over ceramic. In fact, this material allows a perfect yield and a longer duration of the fold compared to products made of other materials.

In addition to being lighter and easier to handle, the titanium rotating brushes distribute heat evenly. This is very important when using a product that can reach up to 230 ° C, as you could burn your hair if the heat is unevenly distributed.

Precisely for this reason, titanium rotating brushes are especially recommended for those who already have damaged hair due to too many colors or perhaps because they have used less valid brushes.

Furthermore, these brushes have bristles whose material passes from silicone to boar bristles,  some of these – depending on the brand – use ions inside them, negative ions, which remove static electricity from the hair and promote heat together with the closure of the follicle scales. These ions, therefore, allow having a perfect style even for those with curly and frizzy hair.

If what you are looking for is a product that combines professionalism and ergonomics,  optimal results, and little effort, choose a  titanium rotating brush. 

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