How to choose the hair dryer: guide to choosing the right model for you

When you are comfortable at home, or you are in the gym, or even worse, you are traveling, you know that you can not give up a comfortable hairdryer, read this review for the best choice.

Think carefully about how many times it has helped you: perfect for a quick home styling, and there are also some exceptional professional hair dryers that are absolutely the best allies for your hair and your beauty.

Before you rush into purchasing a new hair dryer, stop for a second and think about it.

You can’t know which is the  best hair dryer  if you don’t know what its characteristics are first.

And believe me, picking one at random is not a good idea.

When we talk about a  professional hairdryer , know that there is no precise model; of these small appliances on the market there are so many and their price varies considerably according to the characteristics.

I’m here to help you not make a wrong investment and to help you choose a  hair dryer  that’s right for you.

What differentiates the hundreds of hairdryers on the market?

I’ll tell you right away: the power, the weight, the practicality, the performance, the air flow, the accessories included in the box and above all, the well-being that your hair can guarantee.

That’s a lot of things to consider, right?

Do not worry. Now I’ll tell you some tricks.

How to choose a hairdryer that suits your needs

If you start looking for the best professional hairdryer,  I’ll tell you right away that it’s a real challenge.

There are really a lot of them on the market, but I’ll help you right away and do some cleaning of the less useful ones.

Here are the ones that remain and that you should be interested in:  ion hairdryers , those all made of ceramic, the   small and foldable travel hairdryer , and then the very light ones that guarantee quality hairstyles.

I know what you are thinking: of all these, which one is right for me? the  small hairdryer  that is on offer?

Mmm, not really.

To differentiate all these instruments is not only the cost, but also the power emitted, the performances and the peculiar characteristics of each of these.

You must know that any hair dryer (including even silent hair dryers  ) emit jets of great force and work at very high temperatures to ensure that your hair dries quickly and well.

However, there is more that you may not know: using any kind of hairdryer in the wrong way can endanger the health of your scalp.

What does it mean?

It means your hair will get weaker, break more easily and grow much slower.

And we want to avoid all these unpleasant consequences, right?

I tell you right away that to have a healthy and spectacular hair, you must absolutely opt for a  hairdryer with ions .

And I’ll tell you more: if you have hair that is particularly frizzy and dull, long and thick, then this little tool will eliminate 99% of your problems.

And what’s so special about it?

This is not a  powerful hairdryer  like all the others; this, in particular, manages to significantly reduce static electricity and regulates humidity, transforming the style into a pleasant and relaxing moment.

Beautiful, is not it?

If, on the other hand, you are aiming for a good professional hair dryer that is not ion-based, you must definitely try the one with the ceramic or tourmaline coating. Check out a really great one on offer here!

Unlike the ion hairdryer, these are still of high quality because they guarantee you hair that is soft to the touch and shiny; all this is possible because the temperature of the jet is always constant, and in this way, the drying times are much shorter, not to mention that you will no longer put your hair at risk because the air becomes too hot.

Do you want the top of the top?

Then choose a  ceramic ion hairdryer: this is the best among professional hair dryers because, on the one hand, it maintains the characteristics of ion hair dryers, but on the other, it preserves all the potential of the ceramic coating.

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