Fade Haircuts For Men

The fade haircut is one of the most popular haircuts for men. It is the most trendy hairstyle which is mostly sported by celebrities. A superb fade takes a higher amount of expertise to do exactly and few hairdressers have the patience and ability to pull off this kind of hairstyle. A best fade will include no clear lines and will be neatly ended. This haircut has light shadow on the sides mixed into a darker shade top that reveals some of the natural curl or wave. This is superb haircut for all age groups and every walk of life. Here are few great ideas for fade haircuts for men.

Medium Skin Fade

This medium skin fade haircut was made by taking the hair totally skin tight approximately 1/3 of the way upside the head (using trimmer) and “faded” into a 2.5 edge on the top side of the head. A neat and clean shape at the front side gives this haircut a nice end.

Low Fade

For this low fade haircut, Johan Ruiz used a 2.5 knife-edge on the sides with scissor length on the crown. The sides and back are faded to the head skin at the facial hair and back side of neck even though a clean shape across the ears offers a super-straight end.

High Skin Fade

For this hairstyle, Johan Ruiz done a high skin fade. In this kind of haircut, the hair are trimmed to the skin approximately half way upside the head (a razor or trimmer is used to attain the near cut possible) and worn into the longer side on crown. The top side is styled with powerful hair styling gel or pomade to add texture and separation.

Caesar Cut

This is typical Cesar cut, created more hard-hitting with a skin fade at back side. A # eight blade was used on the top side, even though the aides are trimmed with # two blade.

Blowout Fade

For this hairstyle, Johan Ruiz used a number 5 clipper blade on the sides with scissor on top and a blowout fade in the back. The top is styled with powerful hair styling gel or pomade.

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