Successful Online Learning

Predictors of Success for Adult Online Learners: A Review of the Literature
What are the predictors of adult students' success in online learning environments? Is there a difference in undergraduate versus graduate online learners and their motivations? Does age play a factor? Do the course's characteristics have an impact on performance and learner satisfaction? What are the implications of these findings for online instructors, and how could that affect their practices and approaches to retaining students in the future?

Online Students Share Tips for Success
A group of adult students who graduated from online graduate degree programs with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, cited the following skills and techniques that helped them achieve success

How Students Develop Online Learning Skills
Successful online students share their secrets for getting the most from online classes, focusing on time management, active participation, and practice

Returning to College
List of Characteristics of Successful Online Learners

Emotional Intelligence as a Predictor of Success in Online Learning

Online Learning and Student Satisfaction
What are the foundations of student satisfaction or dissatisfaction with online courses? Why do online learners succeed and others fail or drop out? What kind of instructional designs, pedagogical practices and administrative standards contribute to the development of effective online courses with high retention rates and positive student learning outcomes?

Staying the Course: A Study in Online Student Satisfaction and Retention
The purpose of this study was to determine the variables significant for retention in online courses as asked by questions listed on an online course survey

Overloadjunct's Blog
Three weeks. Thatís what it takes. About three weeks and the students werenít asking where things were located. Three weeks and things were being submitted on time. Three weeks when frustration waned and technology competence set in. How does an instructor handle a three week lag in an eight week course?

The Online Learner: Characteristics and Pedagogical Implications
The emerging online learner can be described as someone who has a strong academic self-concept; is competent in the use of online learning technologies, particularly communication and collaborative technologies; understands, values, and engages in social interaction and collaborative learning; possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills; and is self-directed.

Socialization in the Online Classroom
It is likely that learners everywhere are attracted to online courses for the much same reasons. The convenience and flexibility of not having a fixed, physical meeting space coupled with the ability to work from convenient locales often gives students the impression of distance learning as being pretty easy. One of the difficulties that learners have with online course comes in the area of adjusting to asynchronous interaction, if this is the communication mode of the class.


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