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The Weakest Link in The U.S. Economy
The U.S. economic crisis could be traced to the structural economic changes which globalization facilitated. American companies are out-innovating most of their citizens. All across the nation, there are still community colleges and trade schools where students graduate and quickly join the unemployment pool, because the jobs for which they have been trained are not available — they weren't available even when they were enrolling. And those jobs may never be back — they are in Asia now. Still, no one is asking to shut down — or even change — these schools.
As the nation goes through this generational transformation, we must understand that the solution to the problem isn't far-fetched. The U.S. economy is innovating at the top, but is failing badly at the bottom. That a U.S. engineer with a Ph.D. in some high tech company creates up to ten jobs in Asia means that ten Americans are displaced from work

Grasping the Reins of Reality
Look around you. Virtually everyone in the room is engaged in a job different from the one they prepared for in college.

Continuing Education
Info for the Non-Traditional Student, Teacher of Adults, and Lifelong Learner

How adults heading back to school can balance life, work, family
Achieving a healthy balance between time at work and home is undoubtedly a challenge for many employees. But when adults also add coursework to their daily loads, the balancing act becomes even more intense.

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning for Adults 50-plus
The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning—whether it’s learning how to dance, speak a foreign language, write a newsletter, improve your golf swing, or repair your car—has wonderful benefits for adults 50-plus

Spoon in the road
To return to school or not. That is the question. I’m sitting here with a reminder to register for the fall semester and I just dread the thought of returning to class so I made a pro/con list

Is Your Degree Worth $1 million -- or Worthless?
Look before you leap into spending a small fortune on an associate's, bachelor's or graduate degree. If money is your motivation, learn which ones really pay off.

Special Analysis 2002 - Nontraditional Undergraduates
Definition of Nontraditional Students. Interrelationships Among Nontraditional Characteristics. Enrollment Patterns. Combining School and Work. Distance Education. Persistence After 3 Years. Persistence and Attainment after 5 Years. Conclusion

How Long Should it Take for a Working Adult to Finish College?
As a society that exists in a shrinking world, aren’t we better off to encourage students of all ages to achieve some post-secondary education, even if that does not result in a complete degree or completion in a artificially defined period of time?

How Adults Heading Back to School Can Balance Life, Work, Family
Whether the goal is an M.B.A. or a bachelor's degree that will assist a career change, going back to school as an adult is often a lesson in time management and prioritizing. Sacrifice is another common word you'll hear among those brave enough to hit the books again

Lessons Learned from Being a Nontrad
Zickbee shares some of the lessons she had learned from being a nontrad. We all know that life itself is a learning experience.

Older Non-Trad Student: Comments
Non-Trads have practical life experience that traditional students don't have yet! Hang in there!!

Older Non-Trad Student: When You're Overwhelmed, Take It In Bite-Sized Pieces
As a nontrad, its very easy to become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done - school, family, work and life. How does one handle all this stuff at one time? Take it in bite-sized pieces.

Top 5 Reasons to Finish College
There are lots of advantages of going to college and getting your bachelor’s degree. With the amount of online success stories building up these days, some might think that it’s an easy path and skipping college is okay. Going to college has its advantages and the positive factors beat out the negatives any day.

Non-Traditional College Students
36 Article Titles on Non-Traditional College Students

Nontraditional College Students
The nontraditional student iss an adult who returns to school full- or part-time while maintaining responsibilities such as employment, family, and other responsibilities of adult life. These students also may be referred to as "adult students," "re-entry students," "returning students," and "adult learners." Because developmental needs, issues, and stressors for adults differ considerably from those faced by younger, "traditional-age" students, all aspects of the college environment must be reconsidered (and often reconfigured) to respond to this growing student population

Adult Student Center
The Adult Student Center is your resource for inspiration and information on returning to and succeeding in college -- at any age! You'll find resources to help you get started, explore your options, develop good study habits, and make career transitions.

Increase in Adult Education
College enrollment has maintained a generally upward trend for the past several decades. (Being educated has turned out to have been an excellent idea.) In keeping with the increased enrollment trend, the number of adults pursuing education has been on the rise.

News: Many Adults Left Behind
The report is a mix of data showing the large share of the adult population lacking any higher education degree, and information about various policies that might encourage more degree attainment. Of particular importance, the report notes, are policies that affect community colleges and part-time students, as adult students are more likely than their traditionally aged counterparts to enroll part time, and to enroll in two-year institutions.

In the Basement of the Ivory Tower
The idea that a university education is for everyone is a destructive myth. An instructor at a "college of last resort" explains why.

Do It Now
I decided to challenge myself by setting a goal to see if I could graduate in only three semesters, taking the same classes that people would normally take over a four-year period. This article explains in detail all the time management techniques I used to successfully pull this off.

10 Tips for College Students
Here are 10 tips to help you create a productive and memorable college experience… and most of all, to deeply enjoy this time in your life.

A Degree of Courage: Advice for Adults Returning to School
With the current economic climate being what it is, I've been thinking of many people who are in a similar situation and who find themselves needing to return to school and build up their resumes and experience. But what if they're facing challenges like I did -- working, kids, and community obligations -- or even struggling with a disability or, just like me, the thought of doing math makes them feel as though they are going to vomit.

America's Best Community Colleges
Community colleges now represent a huge slice of the higher education pie: 43 percent of college freshmen begin their education at two-year institutions.

Degrees - 12 Steps Toward Your College Degree
If you continue to wish you had your college degree, stop wishing. It's not too late, no matter how old you are. You don't have to do it on your own. All kinds of help is available for the asking. Start with these 12 steps.


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