Asynchronous Discussion

This is a list of links to articles and resources describing asynchronous written interaction in the online classroom

Return to College
Your Participation in Online Course Discussions is Mandatory
Asynchronous conferencing systems on the web for education and training

Think of It
Guide to Software for Discussion Forums

Forum Software Reviews
Forum Software Timeline

Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
Presentation Features of Text-based Conferencing Systems on the WWW

Steve Malikowski
Fundamentals of Web Conferencing Systems Used for Distance Learning

Threaded Forum Display

Coding Horror
Discussions: Flat or Threaded?

Joel on Software
Building Communities with Software

Written Interaction: A Key Component in Online Learning

Freelock Computing
Mailing List or Forum? A theory...

Online Sapiens Blog
Comparing Blogs to Forum Discussions in Online Teaching
Non-Threaded vs Semi-Threaded vs Threaded Display Formats

Full Circle Associates
Threaded Vs. Linear Discussion Tools
An Open Letter: Threaded Comments Suck

Ning Creators
What is better? Threaded or Flat Discussions?

Threaded Discussion Interfaces: A Research Challenge


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